Agency : Havas Events
Sound design : Olivier Rabat
Stream film director : Arnaud Bel
Topeuse : Frederique Broyon

3D laser : Vincent Viriot
Motion design : Mathieu Gastaldi
Gaphisme : Fanny Loubière & Séverin Boonne
Staging : Julien Grandon
Creative direction : Martin Perraud

“Alpine goes electric”, with the 1st indoor scalable laser track.

And for the revelation of its full electric concept car, Havas Events and Pong Studio are creating the first ever evolving laser circuit tracing the mythical courses of motor racing.


A spectacular multi-media show experienced live by journalists and content creators, from a disused hangar in Bristol, UK.

At the wheel of the city racer A290_b a big surprise: the relay of the 2 Formula 1 drivers of the French team @Esteban Ocon and Pierre GASLY.


It is hand in hand with Havas Events and Havas Paris that we created the Scenography, the graphic design, the staging and the video and laser program of this extraordinary show in the old hangar where the Concorde was assembled.

Vincent Viriot has created 3D for laser scattering.

Mathieu Gastaldi created the motion design for the videos broadcasted on the giant LED screen and the containers.

Fanny Loubière and Séverin Boonnne created the graphic design for the show.


Julien Grandon created the scenography of the show,

Martin Perraud was the director and artistic director of the whole show.